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Transforming Medicare

Medicare’s Express Plus app is a great example of a digital transformation initiative that aims to change the way citizens interact with government…in this case Medicare.

Salsa Digital 24 March 2016

Express Plus

Medicare’s Express Plus was launched in 2013 and is one of three ‘Express Plus’ apps, along with Express Plus Centrelink and Express Plus Child Support. All these apps are linked to the myGov portal.


Using the app, you can view claim history, update your personal information, update your bank details, request a new Medicare card, submit claims, check your Medicare Safety Net balance, check out your Medicare Benefit Tax Statement, view your children’s immunisation history and find the nearest service centre.

Submitting a claim is quick and simple:

  1. Take a photo of your bill.
  2. Fill in a few details (e.g. item number, charge amount, Medicare provider details, etc.)
  3. Hit Submit.

Note: You do need to be set up in myGov and have your bank account linked for Medicare refunds.

True digital transformation?

Using our definition of digital transformation (substantive or complete change that uses computerised technologies) Express Plus certainly qualifies. It’s an app (technology) that completely changes (transforms) the way Aussie citizens can claim their Medicare refunds and access other services and information.

A note on the reviews

Despite mixed reviews, there’s no doubt that Express Plus Medicare is an example of true digital transformation in government. An app that makes dealing with Medicare extremely fast (Salsa employees have lodged claims in less than a minute) and convenient.

Salsa Insight

Creating a new app can definitely be a strong strategy for digital transformation. However, it’s important to spend time in the discovery phase to get it right, and to choose an experienced provider to ensure a robust app.

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