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Stats on the go with the ABS

Government apps are a great example of digital transformation in government...check out these two from the ABS.

Salsa Digital 14 March 2017

ABS Stats

The ABS Stats app is available for iOS or Android and gives you access to a range of data, including population projections. So if you want to know how many people there are in Australia right now, simply download the app for up-to-date, projected data.

ABS Stats lets you:

  • Keep up to date with 33 key economic indicators
  • Share stats on social media
  • View and compare a range of data from the 2011 Census
  • Get real-time population projections.

You can read more about the ABS apps or download ABS Stats for iOS, or ABS Stats for Android.

ABS Stats was also a finalist for the 2013 Excellence in eGovernment Awards - Service Delivery Award.

A bit of fun?

If you’re after a bit of fun, the ABS has an app that lets you run your own town. Currently only available for iOS, Run That Town is a game that draws on real Census data and lets you choose new projects for your town, consult the locals, and see the news headlines for your town.

Run That Town has picked up a few awards, including the Gold Lion, Creative Data Award, 2015; a win in the 2014 Australian Government's Excellence in eGovernment Awards; and the Favourite Website Awards (FWA) Mobile of the Day in July 2013.

Salsa Digital’s take

Apps let citizens access important information or services quickly and easily. The ABS Stats app gives you access to key national data while Run That Town shows how data and a fun app can combine to give you a virtual experience. It’s great to see the government bringing a bit of fun to stats, too!

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