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Digital Transformation in Government

Welcome to our blog series on digital transformation in government (DTIG).

Salsa Digital 4 July 2017

Since February 2016 we’ve been blogging every fortnight, bringing you both more in-depth pieces and shorter blogs on all areas of DTIG. Our aim is to produce a must-read resource, somewhere you can come to find out how specific projects have changed the way government works and/or the way it interacts with citizens.

Below is a list of our blogs in the series.

Issue  Title Summary

Digital transformation goes rural

17 Apr 2018

Southern Grampians Shire Council is trialling and investigating many digital transformation projects as part of its ‘Digital Transformation of a Rural Community’ strategy  from moisture sensors for gardens and ovals to water-quality sensors in local swimming pools.



IoT in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden


3 Apr 2018

Last month, Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden and Domain launched their new Internet of Things (IoT) smart poles, and the Garden launched a new app.


Growth mindset and digital transformation


20 Mar 18

We came across an article recently on growth mindset and digital transformation and decided the concept was worth exploring...could a growth mindset help your agency?



Digital identity — first component released


06 Mar 18

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) recently released the first component of Australia’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF). 


Chatbots and the public sector

20 Feb 18

Chatbots (also known by a host of other names) are saving companies and governments big what are they and could they help you?


Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation

6 Feb 18

Late last year Innovation and Science Australia (ISA) released its strategic plan for the Australian innovation, science and research system.


Transformation for family violence intervention

 23 Jan 18

Digital transformation is alive and well in court services…the Neighbourhood Justice Centre’s online Family Violence Intervention Order (FVIO) is a great example.

48 A year of digital transformation in government (DTIG)


12 Dec 17

For our final DTIG blog of 2017, we wanted to highlight some of our favourite blogs in the series this year. 



BlueConnect — digital transformation for Victoria Police


28 Nov 17

Victoria Police is in the process of major technology changes as part of its BlueConnect initiative. 


Bringing government and industry together

14 Nov 17

New York City’s new NYCx program brings together government, technology experts and local communities to use technology to solve some of the city’s problems.

45 Australia's digital identity

31 Oct 17

It's been some time in the making, but digital identity is on its way. GovPass is currently in beta and expected to be rolled out next year.

44 Artificial intelligence in government

17 Oct 17

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been coming out of science fiction and into the real world for some time now. In fact, many forms of AI are active in our society. But how can/does government use and benefit from AI?

43 Driveless cars in Australia?

3 Oct 17

A recent federal inquiry into driverless cars has put forward a host of recommendations so Australia can make the most of the many benefits of this innovative technology. Automated vehicles also have many repercussions for government — at all levels.

42 Drones at work in Australia

19 Sep 17

Drones are being used across a variety of industries and have some excellent government applications, including emergency services and monitoring parks, wildlife and buildings.

41 The digital pioneers

5 Sep 17

It seems in most things digital transformation Estonia keeps popping up. So what exactly is Estonia’s digital ‘system’ and how transformative is it?

40 Smart parking in Hobart

22 Aug 17

Hobart street parking is set to go smart, with a new parking system that includes parking sensors.

39 Public Sectors Innovation Awards

8 Aug 17

Congratulations to the winners of the Public Sector Innovation Awards, especially the projects focused on digital transformation from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Department of Finance.

38 The 311 portal in the US

25 Jul 17

North America’s 311 system started off as a telephone hotline but is now being transformed into a digital portal.

37 Rubbish goes underground

11 Jul 17

Maroochydore’s new city centre in the Sunshine Coast is going high-tech with an underground waste system.

36 Digital drivers’ licences

27 Jun 17

Four US jurisdictions are piloting digital drivers’ licences and Australia is also on the road to digital transformation in licences.

35 Government standouts at the IoT Awards

13 Jun 17

Australia’sIoT Hubannounced the winners of the inaugural Australian IoT Awards. We thought we’d take a look at the government finalists and the winner.

34 Innovation in WA’s Department of Transport

30 May 17

WA’s Department of Transport (DoT) has undergone several recent changes that have delivered tangible benefits to WA citizens.

33 The Blockchain Revolution

16 May 17

Blockchain technology was originally invented to create digital cash — BitCoin. Nowadays much broader applications are being investigated, including a myriad of government applications.

32 Digital Transformation in Health

01 May 17

While ‘e-health’ can encompass many things, centralised healthcare records is a key component at the government level. Where is Australia at with centralised healthcare records, what are the pros and cons, and what’s the rest of the world doing?

31 Australia’s National Map - Open Data In Action

11 Apr 17

The National Map plots a huge variety of data across a map of Australia—from native vegetation and caves to bridges, road crashes and local Council boundaries.

30 E-voting in Australia?

28 Mar17

E-voting typically refers to both electronic voting at the polls and online voting. While some countries already use e-voting, there are many pros and cons to electronic voting, especially online voting.

29 Stats on the go with the ABS

14 Mar 17

Government apps are a great example of digital transformation in government...check out these two from the ABS.

28 The UK’s digital strategy to 2020

28 Feb 17

The UK’s new Government Transformation Strategy charts the transformation strategy up to 2020…and beyond.

27 WA’s GovNext-ICT

14 Feb 17

WA’s GovNext-ICT was recently in the news when the WA Government signed three new contracts expected to deliver cost savings of $65 to $80 million annually.

26 BOM delivers free app

31 Jan 17

In October last year the Bureau of Meteorology launched BOM, delivering a weather app directly from the source. What’s more, the app was developed using the DTA’s Digital Service Standard.

25 Global innovators since the 1990s

16 Jan 17

Did you know wireless local area network (the technology WiFi uses) was invented in Australia? Through this CSIRO invention, the Australian Government delivered digital transformation that changed the world. Our first instance of digital transformation in government (DTIG)?

24 A year of digital transformation in government (DTIG)

19 Dec 16

For our final DTIG blog of 2016, we wanted to highlight some of our favourite blogs in the series this year.

23 Smart cities…coming to a town near you?

05 Dec 16

Smart cities use technology to create a better citizen experience. Many cities are on the road to becoming ‘smart’ — including quite a few Aussie cities. 

22 The power of open data

21 Nov 16

A recent draft report on data makes recommendations that will revolutionise the way Australia uses data.

21 Adelaide first Aussie GigCity

07 Nov 16 

Adelaide has joined the US Smart Gigabit Communities Program and will offer innovation hubs with ultrafast internet speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second (100x the national average). 

20 The Internet of Things

24 Oct 16

The Internet of Things (IoT) has a huge economic potential here in Australia and can deliver real benefits to citizens. 

19 data for transformation

10 Oct 16

Started in 2010, Apps4NSW is an open data initiative with one goal: to create innovative apps for NSW citizens. 

18 iAwards for Government

27 Sep 16

Earlier this month the iAwards were held in Melbourne, with several government winners taking home awards. These projects are great examples of digital transformation in government. 

17 Digital innovation in public transport fares

12 Sep 16

The future of public transport smartcards in Australia is uncertain with newer technology indicating a different future may be on the horizon. 

16 Census: DDoS attack unlikely

29 Aug 16 

Despite the government’s claim that the 2016 Census website was pulled down in response to several distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, Salsa Digital believes the problems lie elsewhere. 

15 GovHack 2016

15 Aug 16 

GovHack 2016 is an annual event (competition) that uses open data. An innovative way to innovate, it lets people loose on government data to come up with solutions that will hopefully be good examples of digital transformation.

14 Big Data Analytics

01 Aug 16 

Big data analytics is a growing area that can save your agency time and money, while also helping provide more targeted services to your citizens. 

13 Citizen-centric approaches in government

18 Jul 16

“Citizen-centric” is a term that’s being used a lot by government departments around the world. What exactly does citizen-centric mean and how does it look in the digital space? 

12 Australia’s Digital Marketplace

04 Jul 16

The Digital Transformation Office (DTO) is in the process of setting up the Digital Marketplace, which will transform the way government (at all levels) procures IT services. 

11 Noosa selects cloud-based process-management software

20 Jun 16

Noosa Council has gone for the cloud and knowledge sharing, selecting ProMapp process-management software as part of its digital transformation strategy. 

10 Five tech enablers for digital transformation

06 Jun 16

In April Huawei, a worldwide information and communications technology (ICT) company, released its annual Global Connectivity Index, which analyses the ICT performance and progress of 50 countries. 

9 Digital innovation in Mackay

23 May 16 

Mackay Council has taken home the Digital Innovation in Local Government category at the 2016 National Awards for Local Government for a project titled Transforming a Water Business.

The future of digital identity

09 May 16 

Australia is currently working towards a single digital identity solution that can be used for a range of online transactions within all levels of government.

GOV.AU — the new kid on the block

22 Apr 16

Currently at Alpha stage (with a prototype available), GOV.AU will bring together content from hundreds of government websites. The Beta version is scheduled for later this year and will be integrated with govCMS. 

One-stop services ‘shop’ in NSW

11 Apr 16

The Service NSW website was launched in 1 July 2013 and now brings together over 800 ‘transactions’ for NSW residents and businesses. 

Transforming Medicare

24 Mar 16

Medicare’s Express Plus app is a great example of a digital transformation initiative that aims to change the way citizens interact with government…in this case Medicare.

Tom Burton Talks Digital

09 Mar 16

Tom Burton’s discussion of digital transformation during his keynote address at DrupalGov 2016 was frank and enlightening. 

3 govCMS - Building Community and Capability

24 Feb 16

On 8 February Salsa attended and presented at DrupalGov Canberra 2016. One of the highlights was Sharyn Clarkson’s update on govCMS…and an announcement.

2 Twitter Alerts — Helping to Keep Aussies Safe

15 Feb 16

In December 2013, Twitter launched Twitter Alerts in Australia. This service is a great example of digital transformation and how it can change the way government organisations (in this case emergency services) communicate critical information. 

1 What is Digital Transformation?

01 Feb 16

Digital transformation is a buzz phrase, but what does it actually mean? And how does digital transformation look in government?

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