At a glance

2019 - 2020
4 to 6 weeks
State government
Discovery & strategy, Build & migration, Support & optimisation
Open data

The purpose

To help the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions standardise and centralise document and data management as part of the LVRRS. To improve document management and improve data discoverability.

The players

The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions’ focus is on growing Victoria's economy and ensuring it benefits all Victorians - by creating more jobs for more people, building thriving places and regions, and supporting inclusive communities. The Earth Resources portfolio within DJPR ensures the state has the raw materials for its homes, industries and exports. 

The challenge

The Latrobe Valley Regional Rehabilitation Strategy (LVRRS) is an earth resources project that focuses on mine rehabilitation. As part of that project, a data management system was set up on an AWS3 cloud solution accessed via a CKAN/Cloudberry user interface. This was used to manage datasets and documents. However, the department was having problems with the system and was looking for a digital partner that could help them solve specific problems. 

The data management system needed: 

  • A way to load/download datasets over 50 MB

  • A more user-friendly interface with an improved look and feel

  • An updated schema for better metadata capture

  • A way to manage data with different data restrictions 

  • A user manual

The solution

Salsa built the new data management framework using CKAN, and linked this to the existing LVRRS database on AWS3 storage. This meant all the datasets and documents ‘lived’ on AWS3, but they were discoverable and accessible via CKAN. This setup solved one of the existing problems, because larger datasets could easily be uploaded and downloaded without straining the CKAN datastore. 

We started with a vanilla CKAN instance as the baseline and then built the specific requirements to meet LVRRS’s needs. The tailored components included:

  • Applying the brand and colour

  • Customisation around content restrictions: The data portal needed to be set up so restricted datasets and documents were only visible to certain users. This required customisation of the uploading process (users could select access requirements) and customisation at the user level so users could only see datasets they were authorised to see.

  • Customisation of metadata fields: Based on the existing metadata scheme, which uses ISO standards

  • Contact dataset maintainer form: General enquiry or request access to restricted data

  • Reporting: Audit reports for a full audit trail and a range of customised administrative reports

  • Search customisation and optimisation 

  • Usability enhancements: Including adding tooltips and tailoring the user interface

  • Updated password security: Enforce a password policy for password setup

After a two-week discovery period, the initial deliverables were built over two sprints (four weeks). We then finished further enhancements to the portal in June 2020. 

“Salsa was great to work with. They were able to create a solution that aligned with all our data storage, delivery and security requirements.”

Chris Osborne
Senior Geologist, Coal Resources Victoria, Earth Resources Policy and Programs
Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions 

The benefits

The new CKAN data portal provides the following benefits to the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions:

  • Access to data and documents in one central repository

  • Data can be mapped to organisations and/or groups

  • Access can be mapped to organisations and/or groups

  • Access to confidential data can be restricted 

  • Audit logs and reporting for improved analytics

  • Datasets and documents are now easily discoverable, with a standard metadata schema 

  • Data owners are clearly visible