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About CKAN

CKAN is a powerful tool for data custodians, allowing you to not only manage data, but to display it as maps, tables or graphs. CKAN also includes a faceted search, and data preview capabilities — all available for free as part of the open source movement. CKAN has a strong and growing community that continues to evolve the product, and strong worldwide adoption across government and industry. Read more about CKAN on our dedicated CKAN page.

CKAN support

While some organisations have in-house experts to manage CKAN, many organisations will need extra help setting up CKAN or supporting it. Ongoing support provides:

  • Business continuity — software maintenance (including security patching, break fixes, etc.) is conducted consistently and qualitatively to ensure no-to-low disruption to your business.
  • Governance via strong technical leadership, coordination and/or oversight to ensure support requests are analysed and resolved with minimal impact.
  • A boost to your existing CKAN capacity and/or capability.
  • The ability to use support services on a needs basis.

Benefits of CKAN support

CKAN support delivers the following benefits:

  • Confidence— peace of mind, knowing operational issues will be addressed and resolved.
  • Maintenance — reduced development costs and security and maintenance liabilities with experts adopting best practices.
  • Flexibility— software maintenance model based on your needs for application enhancements and/or ad-hoc support.

Salsa CKAN enhancement and support services

Salsa provides a range of services to enhance and support your CKAN instances. These include:

  • 9 to 5 helpdesk for level 1 and/or level 2 support
  • Data/content management and/or user/application administration
  • Security patch management
  • Minor application enhancements and/or fixes
  • Technical governance, leadership and/or solution direction sounding board
  • Investigation, estimation and quotation of enhancements
  • General enquiries, operational support and training
  • Release management support and related services
  • Optional regression test authoring and validation services

Support packages

These services can be provided via bulk pre-purchased hours or a monthly retainer package.

  • Bulk pre-purchased hours work well if you’ve got less predictable support needs, because it provides you with support on demand, on an ad-hoc basis. The bulk pre-purchased hours are available in blocks of 5 hours, 10 hours, 20 hours or another agreed package.
  • The monthly retainer package is ideal if you’ve got predictable or structural ongoing application support needs or you need higher service level agreements (SLAs). It’s also available in blocks of time.

We also offer premium ‘immediate response’ support and after-hours standby support.

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