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Assessment overview

The five-day site assessment is suitable for larger or more complex sites. The five days are broken into five half-day workshops and five half days that cover data harvesting, assessment, solution analysis and report writing.

The final report assesses the site requirements against the current GovCMS functionality and makes a recommendation for which service offering, SaaS or PaaS, is the best fit.

Cost: $26,000 + GST per site (see breakdown below)

Engagement process

Our five-day site assessment includes five half-day, on-site workshops. The highly collaborative and interactive workshops are run with key stakeholders to understand site requirements and viability. A final one-hour presentation is delivered at a time that suits you (usually conducted remotely).

Five-day assessment


Morning session,

on-site workshops

Afternoon session,

off-site analysis

Day 1

  • Business drivers and KPIs: Defining business objectives and validating business objectives with KPIs.

  • Functional discovery

  • Harvest, synthesise, analyse information

Day 2

  • Page templates review

  • Harvest, synthesise, analyse information

Day 3

  • Content types (content type definitions)

  • Harvest, synthesise, analyse information

Day 4

  • Integration touchpoints/ systems: These are the functional components that reside outside of Drupal, but require integration at some point(s) to meet the project requirements.

  • Migration (content audit/assessment/familiarisation to identify content types and fields)

  • Harvest, synthesise, analyse information

  • Write final report

Day 5

  • Technical discovery: Gathering sufficient information to produce the technical approach that will give the direction of the architecture of the solution.

  • Solution viability

  • Harvest, synthesise, analyse information

  • Write final report

Time TBC with customer

  • 1 hour presentation: A presentation of the findings after the assessment, at the client's convenience (usually conducted remotely).


The outputs from the five-day site assessment are:

  1. Site functionality matrix: Finalised feature matrix serving as a visual representation of all functional requirements.

  2. GovCMS viability matrix: Each functional requirement is classified to determine the level of configuration/customisation, and therefore compliance, with GovCMS SaaS or PaaS.

  3. Solution design: Representing GovCMS solution direction, component architecture, content type specifications and high level design.

  4. SaaS vs PaaS evaluation matrix: Identifying which requirements are compliant versus non-compliant for GovCMS, and mitigation strategies or alternatives for non-compliant, if required.

  5. Project requirement document: Representing scope with accompanying assumptions, risks and mitigations, and development estimates.

  6. GovCMS assessment report: Executive summary slide deck for stakeholders representing assessment findings and Salsa’s SaaS vs PaaS recommendation.


  • Clear understanding of GovCMS SaaS viability and optional mitigations and/or alternatives for areas of non-compliance

  • Enables key stakeholders to make an informed decision on GovCMS SaaS vs PaaS


We assume the following parameters to represent a ‘large complexity project’:

  • Content migration

  • Up to 15 content types

  • Up to 10 distinct page templates

  • External integrations required

  • Up to 16 features


We exclude the following activities in assessments:

  • Visual design and IA development

  • Creative discovery

  • Any relevant travel and lodging costs for onsite workshop/ attendance

Other good things to know

  • GovCMS SaaS compliance classification — For each high level requirement a functional classification will be given on the level of GovCMS SaaS/PaaS configuration required. For example, basic config, theme development, ‘contrib’ module or custom module, etc.

  • Optional mitigation strategies or alternatives are provided if/when SaaS non-compliant requirements are identified.

Fixed price packages

Below is a summary of the resources, their activities and associated hours and costs to deliver the five-day assessment. 

Five-day assessment tasks

GovCMS Engagement Manager

GovCMS Solution Architect
















Total hours


Total cost (@ $200/h +GST)

$26,000 +GST

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