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Content loading overview

In some cases manual content loading will be more suitable than automated content migration. For example, if you have a small number of pages (that aren’t worth automating) or when there are very complex structures with 10+ fields, multiple paragraph types and/or special treatment of visual styles required. In these cases, we can manually migrate content from a source CMS (e.g. SiteCore) or source document files (e.g. Google docs or Microsoft Word).

Engagement process

Salsa follows the engagement process below:

  1. Review questionnaire or brief: Agency to complete a light questionnaire (or send Salsa a high level project brief) reflecting basic requirements and/or project key business drivers.

  2. Intake and alignment: Salsa conducts a free 30-45 minute intake phone call to align on scope, expectations and overall engagement requirements based on the questionnaire or brief.

  3. Discovery: Workshop to establish the target IA, number of content pages and content mappings.

  4. Migrate: Manually load content into target GovCMS site.

  5. UAT: Validate content migrations via user acceptance testing (UAT) with minor remediations if/as required.

  6. Deploy: Optionally push (migrate) content to live system.


  1. Source content identified

  2. Templates and processes established

  3. GovCMS site loaded with new content


  • A new/target GovCMS site with all the required content loaded


  • All content is publicly accessible

  • Unlimited number of pages

  • Each content structure contains up to 10 custom fields and up to five paragraph types

  • ‘As-is, like-for-like’ migration of field content with no cleansing or transformation

Fixed price package

The table below represents Salsa’s fixed price manual content migration model based on content structures.

Item Cost
One-time project and tooling setup fee $2,000 +GST
Cost per page (unlimited) $15 +GST
Note: The number of pages will be identified during discovery.

Pricing example scenarios

Pricing will be determined in the discovery phase and based on the number of pages to load. See below for example scenario pricing:

Item Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Scenario 4
Scenario 50 pages 100 pages 150 pages 200 pages
Setup $2,000 +GST
Migration $750 +GST $1,500 +GST $2,250 +GST $3,000 +GST
Total $2,750 +GST $3,500 +GST $4,250 +GST $5,000 +GST

Other things to know

  • We can also add an optional IA discovery and development step if required to validate or develop a new IA. This can be with internal workshops or full external user research participants. Let us know what you need and we’ll fit this into the process.

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