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What is Single Digital Presence?

Single Digital Presence (SDP) is a digital platform built by Salsa Digital and the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC). It’s been set up to make it easier for citizens to find, understand and use Victorian Government information, while also making building websites easier and cheaper for all Victorian Government agencies who choose to leverage SDP.

About Single Digital Presence (SDP)

Single Digital Presence (SDP) has three main products that DPC has named Bay, Tide and Ripple. These three products can be used by Victorian Government agencies as a complete package or separately.

Bay is the platform itself, it forms the infrastructure layer on which SDP has been built. Salsa and our partner built Bay using open-source platform, Lagoon. This cloud-based solution allows Victorian Government agencies to build, test and deliver websites via the cloud. More about Bay.

Tide is the Drupal distribution that manages content. It’s a customised build of Drupal 8, purpose-built to serve Victorian Government information. It forms a central repository where all content can be managed. Importantly, Tide allows content sharing — one source of content that can then be ‘served’ to different sites. More about Tide.

Ripple is a library of components that delivers a consistent look and feel across government websites to increase usability and ensure WCAG 2.0 AA compliance. It’s built on Vue.js and Nuxt. More about Ripple.

Single Digital Presence (SDP) is:

  • Fully open source

  • Flexible

  • Delivers on accessibility requirements

  • Responsive, so websites can be viewed on desktops, tablets and smartphones

  • Secure

  • Supported (by DPC and Salsa)

As a fully open source platform, Victorian Government agencies will be able to leverage the frontend and CMS products once they’re available. This will make it easy for digital teams and agencies that service Victorian Government to use all or part of what they build. This will reduce costs and the time it takes to build new websites.

Under open source licenses the code for Bay, Tide and Ripple is free to use. Costs will be incurred for third-party services including hosting, implementation and support tooling.

The Single Digital Presence Project

The SDP project covered implementing a Drupal distribution to build the main site at, site sections and providing/sharing content for semi-independent sites. Semi-independent sites are the other sites that have their content centrally managed. 

Digital teams and agencies can also build fully independent sites using the SDP products but not sharing content with the the main site. Fully independent sites are completely separate installations of the whole distribution. Fully independent sites can use Bay, Tide and Ripple to build a site using the same headless Drupal backend for the content repository with the Vue.js frontend. Fully independent sites can also use the API to build different frontend frameworks that consume data from the content repository (Drupal backend) or can build a theme directly in Drupal if a headless solution is not desired.

Benefits to Victorian government agencies

With a ready-made platform, agencies will be able to:

  • Reduce costs

  • Focus resources and budgets on innovation instead of duplication

  • Share and re-use features across agencies

  • Access a central repository of content — write content once and re-use it

  • Access an easy-to-use website solution

  • Create websites in a secure environment that’s managed by DPC

Benefits for Victorian citizens

SDP will  deliver the following benefits to Victorian citizens:

  • Centralised content that enables a ‘joined up’ user journey

  • A consistent design and user experience across different websites

  • Content that’s readily viewed on smartphones and tablets

  • A citizen-centric website experience

  • A generally improved online experience, including content written in plain English

How we can help Victorian government agencies

Salsa Digital provides a range of services around the Single Digital Presence, including:

  • SDP assessment and readiness — We'll assess your site’s viability for SDP and recommend the best fit from the three above options. Salsa will also look at business requirements and solution direction, functional mapping and high-level project costings.

  • Technical and visual design — Design, lead, coach, guide and direct visual and technical design as necessary (technical and visual requirements will depend on the option chosen).

  • Build and migration — Site build and configuration to meet key functional requirements, content migration, and Drupal theming/module development  (if applicable).

  • Integration — Integrate your site with open data (e.g. CKAN integration), EDM platforms (e.g. Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp), CRM systems such as Salesforce and Oracle, payment gateways (e.g. PayPal and Stripe), single sign-on systems like LDAP and Active Directory, and social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • Quality assurance and testing — Site audits, user testing and performance testing.

  • Application support — Ad-hoc enhancements and bug fixes, site management, release management and technical governance.

  • Documentation — Functional documentation, technical documentation and user manuals.

  • Agile — Option for full agile delivery led by Salsa including services such as discovery, user stories, sprint planning, code/config reviews, UAT, daily standups and overall project governance and stakeholder comms OR augmented agile delivery with Salsa providing key expert resources and/or SCRUM teams to augment client-led agile project delivery.

  • Training — Drupal training courses and customised courses to meet your agency’s needs.

Read more about Single Digital Presence

SDP is a total digital solution, a digital landscape the Victorian Government can use to create a unified online presence. Below are more related Salsa publications covering everything from the value proposition to technical case studies:

Read Our Media Release

Case Studies

Launching Bay, Victoria’s open platform

Bay is the open source platform product in Victoria’s new whole-of-government digital platform, Single Digital Presence. Bay gives Victorian Government agencies access to a secure, open source platform for their digital services and provides many benefits, such as a faster web experience, an automated testing and deployment continuous integration (CI) pipeline, and cost efficiencies.


Launching Tide, Victoria’s Drupal distribution

Tide is the 'headless' Drupal 8 content management system (CMS) in Victoria’s new whole-of-government digital platform, Single Digital Presence. Tide gives Victorian Government agencies access to a stable, easy-to-use CMS with a central content repository that can 'serve' content to multiple sites and channels.


Launching Ripple (SDP presentation layer)

Ripple is the component library of Victoria’s new whole-of-government digital platform, Single Digital Presence. Ripple delivers consistent design across government websites to create a more unified citizen experience, while also reducing costs and providing other benefits to government and tax-payers.



Creating a single digital presence for our citizens

Salsa Digital partnered with the Department of Premier and Cabinet to realise the vision of an open platform that could unify digital services across the Victorian Government. It was a true partnership with co-mingled teams, a shared vision and a shared commitment to open government.


Single Digital Presence...delivering value

Victoria’s Single Digital Presence (SDP) brings many benefits to citizens, agency content authors and the Victorian Government as a whole. The vision, value, and future are all focused on delivering the best experience possible for Victorians.


Dissecting the Single Digital Presence platform

Victoria’s Single Digital Presence project has delivered an open platform that will deliver significant value to citizens and government agencies. It’s broken into three products — Bay (an open-source platform based on Lagoon), Tide (a Drupal CMS distribution) and Ripple coupled with Nuxt (the frontend presentation layer).


About Salsa Digital

Salsa is a highly specialised, enterprise-grade digital agency focused on open source for social good and innovation. We’re committed to the open government movement and to the many benefits this ethos provides including transparency, innovation, and sharing and improving problems and patterns solved by the pioneers before us.

The open source movement has played a key role in the evolution of Salsa. Over the years, as technology and practices have developed, this commitment to open source has grown to encompass a much broader base beyond open source content management systems (open CMS) — open dataopen platform and open design. We contribute and deliver services in all these areas, with a strong involvement in specific open source initiatives such as Drupal, Wordpress, GovCMSSingle Digital Presence, Kubernetes/Lagoon and CKAN.

Why choose Salsa Digital?

Salsa won the SDP tender in 2017 on the strength of our response, which not only demonstrated our ability to build a distribution to meet their requirements but also showed innovative thinking around the open platform (which then became Bay).

“Salsa has been a true partner. They’ve shared the vision for open government solutions and they’ve communicated with authenticity, and frequently. They have a highly skilled workforce and also know when to bring in external consultants. They haven’t done what’s comfortable and familiar they’ve stretched their own innovation.”  Amber Benjafield, Senior Project and Engagement Manager, DPC

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